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The new trend this year is all about vapor cigarette. From celebrities on the west coast to the regular normal guy in the suburbs everyone are curious about them. They are THE new alternative to smoking regular cigarettes and they are gaining a lot of popularity day after day. They have become so popular that a phenomenal number of new companies have suddenly popped on the web. It is becoming harder to find a good brand just because they are so many. When reading reviews on Internet you will see that they are not all so great. Some of them sell poorly made e-cigarettes at a low cost just to get your money. So how to choose the right one? We have came up with a list of what we thought was the best electronic cigarettes on the market this year. Here it is:

best vapor cigarette

Our editor’s pick – get this ecig


V2Cigs is one of the most popular brand since the last two years and it is our #1 choice when it comes to ecigs. Their products are available in four variety of colors. They do offer great kits for less than $50 and the products are also of high quality. In term of variety, they are the winner. They have more than ten flavors and four nicotine levels to choose from. This is great to reduce your need of nicotine because you could start with the high dose and slowly reduce until you are comfortable with the zero nicotine refill.


As the name says, GreenSmoke, they sell high quality products. We got a lot of positive feedback from users and what is surprising is that the price tag is quite low. You can get a nice kit without having to pay a fortune. They offer many accessories on the site like a rigid case which could be a good idea to consider since they can break if you keep them loose in your pocket.


The quality of the product is simply awesome and the prices are very reasonable. This is a “new” company in the market but the people behind it are veterans so rest assured that this one is going to be big. They built it to better target a more mature audience. One upcoming popular brand that you should consider.


Another top vapor cigarette brand is SouthBeachSmoke. They make high quality products at a reasonable price. The look and feel of their ecigs is awesome and it is probably the closest it get to the traditional one. They have many different starter kit but our favorite one is the cheapest simply because you get to try them at an affordable cost to see if you like this kind of cigarette and it is the same high quality device than the bigger kit. You can choose various flavors and nicotine levels and the cheapest kit retail under $30. Definitely one to try.


Vapor Couture made our top five because of the ratio price/quality. Their package are very basic but also very easy to use. If you use them among other smokers you see that they probably wont notice that it is not a conventional cigarette. They are well made and so cheap! We would say that it is a great kit for those who are not used to new technologies. There is nothing special to learn or do…charge and use.

A good vapor cigarette could be a really great alternative to smoking

Those five vapor cigarette brands are the best in’s team opinion but the one you will choose depend on your preferences and of curse your budget. Those are not the only ones available on the web but they are trusted company. You can buy with confidence from them without the fear of being scammed. Please don’t take the chance of buying them from an eBay seller from china….unless they are well known. Let us know if you know other great brand that you tried and that is not on our list.

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As you can see, smokers do have great alternatives nowadays and it will continue to improve over the years. The best thing to do is to get as much information as you can on the pros and cons of each alternative and make a decision based on your specific needs. Remember to analyse the impact on your global health and your wallet..

Best Electronic Cigarettes

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